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Rice to the occasion

Updated: Nov 25, 2022

Around many parts of the world, rice plays an important role in in the culture and livelyhood of different countries. In Japan rice is mentioned in folklore and celebrated in holidays, represented as goodness and a symbol of life. One such holiday being niiname-sai, or the festival of new crops. This national holiday celebrated by the emperor of Japan is observed during the 23rd of november and is considered an important annual rite. During this holiday, newly harvested rice is offered to the deities in order to express deep gratitude for an eventful harvest. Today the cultivation of the rice grain has seen much more progression, one of these cultivators being the brand Koshihikari. the short grain rice, founded in 1956 is known for its sticky texture and exceptional quality. The quality can be shown in everyday staples such as the onigiri found at 3rd Floor Brooklyn. Apart from the standard koshihikari rice, Third Floor Brooklyn also provides its tamaki-mai variant. This rice is gluten free, non gmo and combined the best quality of both white and brown rice. With this combined quality of both white and brown rice one is able to enjoy the rice while also promoting healthy digestion due to the higher content of fiber. This enhanced rice blend also contains additional vitamins E, and B1 while being able to reduce levels of cholesterol. Come by and indulge in Japan's gold standard rice brand for niiname-sai!

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