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Year of Rabbit

On this new year of 2023 the year of the rabbit is celebrated in Japan, according to the Japanese Zodiac. The Japanese Zodiac, much like the Chinese Zodiac is divided among 12 different groups of animals which in turn are also divided among a certain group of years in accordance with their respective cycle.

This year of 2023 falls under the year of the rabbit which has come to symbolize luck 

and a good omen of success. Like other groups of animals in the zodiac, for those born on the year of the rabbit, unique personality traits are given to them. 


Those born during the year of the rabbit are optimistic, virtuous and open minded. 

At 3rd Floor Brooklyn the year of the rabbit is being celebrated with a one of  a kind pin with a snow rabbit depiction. Both snow rabbits come with a card describing their different characteristics. One is described as a perfectly plump snow rabbit, while the other is described as energetic; with the pin showing a rabbit hopping about.

 Both designs are shown with an opaque white and a bit of shining golden decoration in their center.

Starting off  2023 with a bit of good luck helps, and a rabbit could be a good idea

for those eager to start this year off right. 

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